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I like to call this pic..."Aquillus...Portrait of a Bolton Lover". *rofl*

Comments From Our Visitors

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The Following True Story Was Submitted By Kristin.

Thanks Kristin! Our sympathies are with those poor bugs!

I was at an outdoor concert,when unsuspecting victims were brutally attacked with sound waves by Michael Bolton!!!

In the middle of his screeching,heroic bugs tried to save us by eating his hair. To their surprise,it worked!! The evil sounds stopped,and the crowd burst out laughing, but the bugs died an awful death...(They died not from bug spray,but from eating M.B's hair!) These bugs saved our ears,but they are not known.

Now,young children will be subjected to M.B's screeching at the movie "HERCULES"! (What does Michael Bolton have to do with cool cartoons?!) So my advice to all of you who want to save your ears, Do NOT I repeat,DO NOT SEE,VISIT,OR LISTEN to the horrible guy!!!!

A Thank you Note Also From Kristin.

Spike,I would just like to say,GOD BLESS YOU!! THANK THE LORD!!! Children may no longer have to suffer and die a terrible death...
Spike.....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fellow Bolton Hater,

The Following Was Submitted By Steve J.

Thanks Steve! We couldn't agree more!

Thanx for puttin' your page on the NET. I wanna join your society. Seems to me when Michael Bolton sings (or talks, for that matter) he sounds like he's dyin'. I wish he'd go ahead and do it.

The Following Was Submitted By Nelly.

Thanks Nelly!

I CANNOT STAND Michael Bolton! Reason no.6 to hate him is because All he sings about is trying to make it after splitting up with someone...WHAT A WUSS!!!

The Following Was Submitted By Arden.

Thanks Arden!

Michael Bolton can't come up with an original song without doing a remake of someone else's hit and ruining the song. MBB!! (Michael Bolton Bites)

The Following Was Submitted By Robby .

Thanks Robby!

Of course he would have a lot of hair on his head...that's to make up for the weight of his missing brain.

The Following Was Submitted By Fred.

Thanks Fred! Very Well Put!

I think MB's version of Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay is the worst piece of trash I have ever heard. Oh and what was that other remake he destroyed.... can't think of it off hand... Maybe he should try Sinatra type stuff .... that way we wouldn't have his vocal barrage thrust upon our sensitive ears....

The Following Was Submitted By BuffyAnn.

Thanks Buffy Ann! We know what you mean!

I hate Michael Bolton! He is so conceited and for what? He looks like a voodoo doll!! Where the HECK does he think he's going with that HAIR??? I find him irritating to listen to,infact I CAN'T listen to him. His voice makes me MAD!!......Don't get me started......
BuffyAnn (Hate him!!)

The Following Was Submitted By Broken Angel.

Thanks Broken Angel!

Ok I agree with you that Micheal Bolton sux I mean that is obvious and I think its good that you started a club or whatever to show your hatred toward him, cuz it shows that your doing something about your hatred and just griping about it and sitting on your butts like most people.
brOkeN aNgeL


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